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At Anton LeMieux, we recognize that solid financial planning requires an in-depth understanding of your objectives and needs, coupled with a thorough assessment of the financial resources available to you now and what you anticipate in the future.

Together, we have real discussions to capture what’s happening in your financial life. We ask you challenging questions, and we don’t assume a predictable answer. And we consider the financial “what ifs,” whether education expenses, changes in employment, divorce, or care for an ill or aging family member.

If your situation is more complex or involves more than just one person--like estate planning or fiduciary oversight for a business, small or large-- we have the expertise and certified knowledge to be your financial advisor. More than that, we have the resources trained to work collaboratively and effectively with families or business teams.

Whatever your current outlook, we apply the resources and take the time to build a holistic plan for your financial future, short and long term. But most importantly, we work together.

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